Electrostatic Capacitance Converter

Value Prefix

Basic unit dimensions : [mass]-1[length]-2[time]4[current]2

You can choose other units in the same group below.

Current Conversion
Ampere{ A }, abampere{ abA }, statampere{ statA } and other units

Electric Potential Conversion
volt{ V }, kilovolt{ kV }, abvolt{ abV } and other units

Charge Conversion
coulomb{ C }, statcoulomb{ statC }, amper.saniye{ A.s }, franklin{ Fr } and other units

Electric Resistance Conversion
ohm{ Ω } => megaohm{ MΩ }, abohm{ abΩ } and other units

Magnetic Flux Density Conversion
Weber{ Wb }, line{ line }, maxwell{ Mx } and other units

Magnetic Flux Conversion
tesla{ T }, gauss{ Gs }, weber/metrekare{ Wb/m² } and other units

Inductance Conversion
henry{ H }, abhenry{ abH } and other units

Radiation - Activity Conversion
becquerel{ Bq }, curie{ Ci } and other units

Radiation - Exposure Conversion
rontgen{ R }, coulumb/kilogram{ C/kg } and other units