Moment of Inertia Converter(Mass)

Value Prefix

Basic unit dimensions : [mass][length]2

You can choose other units in the same group below.

Force and Weight Converter
Newton{ N }, Dyne{ dyn }, unce force{ ozf }, gram force{ p }, poundal{ pdl } and other units

Mass Converter
gram, kilogram, ton, slug, pound, carat and other units

Density Conversion
kilogram/cubic meter{ kg/m³ }, gram/liter{ g/l },ounce/cubic foot{ oz/cu ft }, gram/cubic centimeter{ g/cm³ } and other units

Specific Volume Conversion
cubic meter{ m³/kg }, liter/kilogram{ l/kg }, cubic foot/pound{ cu ft/lb } and other units

Area Moment of Inertia Conversion
metre⁴{ m⁴ }, inch⁴{ in⁴ }, foot⁴{ ft⁴ } and other units

Mol Conversion
mol and other units