Specific Heat Capacity Converter

Value Prefix

Basic unit dimensions : [length]2[time]-2[temperature difference]-1

You can choose other units in the same group below.

Thermal Conductivity Conversion
watt/meter K{ W/m.K }, kilocalorie/m.h°C{ kcal/m.h°C }, Btu/ft.h°F{ BtuTherm/ft.h°F } and other units

Heat Transfer Coefficient Conversion
Watt/square meter.K{ W/m²K }, kilocalorie/m² hour°C{ kcal/m²h°C }, Btu/foot²second°F{ Btuth/ft²s°F }, Btu/foot²hour°F{ Btuth/ft²h°F } and other units

Heat Flux Density Conversion
watt/square meter{ W/m² }, Btu/foot²hour{ Btuth/ft²h } and other units